Anyelina Closet Antiguo: Femme Fatale in Lace Up Body Suit and Leather Pants

Femme Fatale in Lace Up Body Suit and Leather Pants

August 31, 2015

I believe that all women carry within an alter ego, a totally opposite character of who we are, we`ve all dreamed, and I plead guilty, of being the bad one at a novel, lol (not because of their meandness but because of the security emanating and of course for their extensive wardrobe), all of us have wanted to be the girl of James Bond: Sexy, secure, intelligent, etc. Beyonce, the singer, has said repeatedly that her alter ego is called Sacha and it`s who she becomes on stage and who overflows sensuality. Inspired by all this, today I decided to do a different post inspired by this woman femme fatale, so I took out my sexy side. Many of you maybe wonder where you can wore this look, and I see it perfect for Dominican Moda, considering that it is coming Up, could be for an intimate dinner or a date with your love one or just to get to a place where you want to become the focus, I hope you like it, thanks for stopping by.

Creo sin temor a equivocarme que todas las mujeres llevamos por dentro un alter ego, un personaje totalmente opuesto a como somos, todas hemos soñado, me declaro culpable con ser la mala de la novela, jajjaja (no precisamente por sus maldades sino por esa seguridad que emanan y por supuesto por su extenso guardarropa), todas hemos querido ser la chica James Bond: Sexy, seguras, inteligentes, etc. La cantante Beyonce, ha dicho en reiteradas ocasiones que su alter ego se llama Sacha y que es ella quien sale a los escenarios y desborda tanta sensualidad. Inspirada en todo esto, hoy decidí hacer un post diferente inspirado en esa mujer femme fatale, por si se preguntan donde se puede usar este look, pues yo lo veo perfecto para Dominicana Moda, que ya se acerca, para una cena o cita intima con tu pareja o simplemente para llegar a un lugar donde quieras robar miradas, espero que les guste, muchísimas gracias por pasar......

Detalles del Look- Details of the day: 

 Body:  Wm Store (Similar) // Pantalones- Pants: Wm Store (Similar ) // Zapatos-Pumps: Shoedazzle // Cartera-Bag: WM Store // Sunglasses-Lentes: Iral`s Closet

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5 comentarios

  1. Gorgeous outfit!


  3. Love the outfit! And you definitely look like the totally in-command bad-ass chick! :)

    You should totally star in a John Woo or a James Bond movie! :)

    The question is... can you kick and run in those heels? ;-)

    YouTube | Blog: Geekette in High Heels | Instagram

    1. Omg, thank you so much babe, lol, i think i could try to run and kick some ass, thank you so much fo stopping by :)


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