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April 24, 2014

Feliz Jueves mis amores, hoy comparto con ustedes dos look de Abigail, en compensación por la ora semana, ambos looks son de la pasada Semana Santa, looks muy veraniegos, perfectos tanto para piscina como para playas, me encanta como les quedan estos lentes, que los había pedido para mi, todo lo que llega a casa siempre pasa por sus manos, al ver lo bien que le quedaban, decidí dejárselos a ella. espero que disfruten las fotos, nos vemos mañana.

Happy Thursday everyone, today is double look from Abigail, these looks were from last long weekend, i think these outfits are just perfect for a giveaway to beach or pool, we spent part of the day-offs relaxing in a house my father has out of town, i love how these paris of sunglasses (they were supposed to be mine) look on her, i think she look so chic with them,  hope you like them, see you tomorrow.

Details- Detalles: 

Look 1:

Tunica (Paca)- Tunic (Thrifted)
Lentes- Sunglasses: F21 (it was supposed to be mine.
Sandalias- Sandals: Paylee

Look 2:

Vestido- Dress: Paca- Thrifted
Lentes- Sunglasses: F21
Calipsos- Flip Flops: Tommy Hilfiger

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2 comentarios

  1. Oh, sweetie! You are absolutely adorable and beautiful! You can pull off any look sweetheart! :) I liked your look with a white tunic and sunglasses, very pretty!! Love you! <3333

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