Anyelina Closet Antiguo: Outfits of the month: March

Outfits of the month: March

April 01, 2014

Deseo que este mes de Abril este lleno de grandes bendiciones para ustedes, aquí les dejo un resumen de mis looks y los de Abigail del mes de Marzo, cual (es) fue (ron)tu favorito? Muchos abrazos y hasta mañana. 

Happy April everyone, wishing you lot of blessings, here are a resume of all my looks and Abigail's from last March :). Thank you so much for reading, which (es) one (s) was your favorite? muahhh

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2 comentarios

  1. I have recently started following you so it is nice too see a little recap of your previous outfits :) Love your March style, that dress with dots print, pleated turquioise skirt and leopard trousers from Zara are definitely my favorites! :)

  2. Love all the looks, my favorites are Abigail's dress and jean skirt. She always has really cute outfits. Love your jeans and yellow blazer one of my favorite looks for sure, also love that turquoise dress and the beige blazer.:) It's so hard to say which ones I love since I have way to many favorites. :)


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