Anyelina Closet Antiguo: Comfy Day

Comfy Day

October 16, 2012

Suiteblanco hat, Papaya Shirt, Zara jeans and sandals, Fossil wath.
Last Sunday, it was one of those lazy days, so i was in the mood for a comfortable look, i did not want to think about my hair, so i decided to add a fedora to my outfit, jeans, a nude shirt. Do you have those days in which the only thing you want to do is been on bed the hole day? In my case that's a dream, i have a child, so weekends are perfects to share a lot with her and take her outsite.

 El pasado domingo, fue uno de esos días de no querer salir de casa, pero cuando se tiene una hija con la cual compartir y salir a pasear, esto es solo un sueño, así que quise estar lo mas casual posible, jeans, una camisa, sandalias para darle el toque chic y mi fedora que me encanta. Cuenteme ustedes les pasa los mismo a veces, de andar lo mas cómoda posible

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9 comentarios

  1. Lovely look! Love those heels! You always have the most beautiful hair :)

  2. yes i have those days too but i usually got for a high bun lol love this casual look!

  3. Que linda Anyelina, me encanta como te queda ese look!! <3

    Si a mí me pasa muchas veces, y cuando quiero andar cómoda siempre agarro una camisa de seda blanca y unos shorts!

  4. I am inlove with your shoes! You look really amazing :)

  5. I like the shoes .. very well with the look

  6. great pics, you look perfect ;)


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