Anyelina Closet Antiguo: Casual (Denim Shirt)

Casual (Denim Shirt)

July 11, 2012

Hey girls, how you doing this week, im going to tell you what´s happened to me in this photo session, when we arrived to these place, my stilettos felt down in a hole, so did I, lol, my husband and i  started to laugh, after a while i wasnt in the mood to take pictures, but we did it, because i wanted to show you this casual look, in the middle my hubby (photographer) was stung by a wasp, lol, can you believe it, so this post is a miracle, as can you see this outfit is casual, i had worn these pairs of pants before with a black blouse, this time i added a simple denim shirt, opened as a blazer, a basic tee and i added the pumps to stilish the look and made it more sophisticated, hope you liked and thanks with all my heart for your visit and comments, muahhh.

Hola, como va su semana, les voy a contar que paso con esta entrada, cuando llegamos a este lugar a tomar las fotos, mi tacones cayeron en un gran hoyo y por ende caí yo, jajaj, mi esposo y yo empezamos a reír muchísimo, pero ya no estaba con el animo muy glamoroso para tomarme las fotos, pero como quería mostrarles este atuendo casual, me animé, mientras tomábamos las fotos, mi esposo (fotógrafo) fue picado por una avispa, pueden creerlo, cuanto reírnos, salimos corriendo del lugar y no logre tomar muy buenas  fotos, como pueden ver este atuendo es  bien casual, estos pantalones con estampados de culebras, los había usado anteriormente con una blusa negra, aquí quise combinarlos con una chaqueta de denim abierta en forma de chaqueta y una camiseta básica, les agregue los zapatos altos, para hacer el look mas estilizado y chic, espero que les guste, muchísimas gracias por sus comentarios

Im wearing: Zara basics shirt/camisa, Flying monkey pants/pantalones, Forever 21 pumps and basic tee/zapatos y camisetas, Hype handbag/cartera.

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20 comentarios

  1. You guys had a lot going on while taking these pictures lol This outfit is really cute though so I guess it was worth it! : )

  2. Me encanta el estampado del pantalón, quedó genial como lo combinaste

    Sabrilett's Armoire

  3. Que pena Anyi que hallas pasado por todos esos inconvenientes y que bien que lo hagan tomado con humor.
    Yo eh pasado por atackes de picadas de mosquitos incluso tengo varias fotos en el blog con el mosquito en plena accion lol
    Lo que nos toca sufrir por la moda hahaha
    Al look yo muero por una camisa de denim esta me gusta mucho,bonita combinacion.
    Gracias por tu lindo comentario enmi blog,besitos.


  4. great this look honey, amazing style! :P


  5. cute, love the pants!!

  6. Great look!

  7. nice outfit,i love your shoes color :D

    do you mind to follow each other?

  8. gorgeous outfit i love it! btw, just followed you :)

    I created my blog a few days ago and I hope we can follow each other, I also have bloglovin, tumblr, twitter and pinterest!


  9. Me encanta el look y los tonos del mismo! Pero ¿¿cómo puedes andar con esos tacones??;-) No me extraña que te cayeras...¡¡pobrecita!! Jajajajajaja...

  10. Hi babe!
    Thank you for your sweet comment! Yes, I would love :)) I start and I'm waiting for you!!



  11. Love your heels, awesome!

    Thank you for visiting Blush and your lovely comment! I am following you now, I’d love if you follow Blush.

  12. Gracias por tu comentario! Los zapatos preciosos.
    Te sigo des de ya.

  13. I love your denim top with those snake-print pants! And thanks so much for the kind comment on my blog! Of course I would love to follow you- I'm doing so now!!

    P.S. I'm having an INTERNATIONAL $75 Shopbop giveaway on my blog, so don't forget to enter! :)
    A's Fashion Files
    $75 Shopbop Giveaway!

  14. Those pants are hot! lol I can't believe all that happened well I'm glad that you still shared your post!

  15. Wow, you look gorgeous!:) I absolutely love the outfit and the shoes are to die for! Your blog is so nice, I'm following you now with GFC and Bloglovin!:) Follow me back if you want. Hope you have a wonderful day;)
    xoxo Helmiina

  16. You looks amazing! :))Love your bag and shoes !;). Kiss:*

  17. Love the look! I am happy that you got these pictures even though it sounds like a miracle that you got any! Those are awesome pants!


  18. Beautiful denim and animal print! Also love your handbag :)


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